Like the embers of the Negev sand,
What Kindles the Senses –
Creator of the bridge over the Abyss,
Gust feelings Sublime.

O, the arcane glow of sparks! –
Blinking Green eye.
O, the Cosmos ineffable! –
But it’s only magic, not the  certainty…

Planets unmeasured Trails,
Stars nebulae, Suns glows,
The desire to know too much…
Not those times, not those times.

When the mystery absorbed memory –
The depth of the dark night,
In the absence of words, in the absence of feelings,

Golden Sphere Observation Reports

Do not fade in the mist.
On Jumanji! – Bring the news!
Play Gypsy, play Gypsy!

Ursula Vortag, Germany 2018